The country goes to the polls for the EU in/out Referendum on 23rd June 2016. I was recently discussing voting habits with some other small business owners, when one queried why we couldn’t vote using our mobile phones, and if/when that option would be available? Whatever the type of vote – national, local or referendum, I don’t believe it will be anything but paper-based for quite some considerable time, and here’s why.

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I’m often meeting other software developers. If things get a little more formal and we need to convey a potted history of our careers, a 2 minute run-through usually starts with “I graduated with a degree in Physics in 1998” or similar. It’s shorthand for “this is my education and background for the time before I started my working life”.

Many other developers seem to have a background in the sciences. Apart from scientists and developers being “technical”, I wondered why one would often lead on to the other. So I started researching studies and information on the web, and found surprisingly little. So in the absence of hard facts from other sources, this article is generally based on my experience and speculation….

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In the years that I have been involved in software, it seems that the methods I followed in developing and testing software often revisit me with a different name and a heightened sense of hype. Luckily, the second coming of these ideas often cement sensible lessons I should have learned from my first experience and result in new methods which invariably seem to improve on my original experience. I have found this to be the case, given some poetic licence, with testing and the test automation pyramid. In this article, I look at what the test automation pyramid is and compare it with the older techniques I used to use.

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This article introduces the concept of MVP – Minimum Viable Product. It’s a simple concept and is well accepted in large parts of the software development community. Ten years ago it was a different story….

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You may have heard the term “Internet of Things”, often abbreviated to “IoT”. If so, it may conjure up a particular image in your mind, or you may have an impression of what it means. The concept is actually quite flexible, and can mean lots of different things to lots of people. In this article, I provide a brief, fairly non-technical overview of the subject.

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