A few months ago we completed a piece of work for SEOSS (South East Open Source Solutions) which has been in service and operating without problems since then. The work was a small project, only a week or so, performed at fixed price and on very tight and definite timescales. The project was to deliver software which would support SEOSS on one of their larger projects. The software we developed provided integration facilities for larger systems by reading and processing data to make it available, then removing the data and cleaning up after the data had been used.

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We recently completed a piece of consultancy work for Metasphere in which we represented them on the WITS PSAC. WITS is the Water Industry Telemetry Standards association and the PSAC is the Protocol Standards Association Committee who manage WITS. The primary output of WITS is the WITS-DNP3 Protocol, a single protocol used by multiple Master Stations and Field Devices. You can find out more on WITS at their website.

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Having come from a telemetry background we have a natural interest in the Internet of Things (IoT) and embedded systems, so it was great to be awarded a contract from Copper Horse Solutions Ltd to assist them in these areas. Copper Horse specialises in mobile phone and IoT security projects for businesses large and small. They also provide consultancy in a number of different areas of the mobile phone industry, with a particular interest in mobile connected device security. Many of you may have come across them through their blog on mobile phone security, authored by CEO, David Rogers.

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After a meeting at a Digital Catapult Breakfast event earlier this year, Terzo Digital performed some high level consultancy work for Ben Williams IP. Ben Williams is a freelance IP consultant and patent attorney and has been providing services to the patent profession, SMEs and academic institutions for a number of years. Part of Ben's work has been helping to educate students and professionals about the intricacies of Patent Law and IP protection. He has done this through the use of a game, IP Quest which enables participants to learn about IP in a fun and memorable way, a breath of fresh air for what some may consider dry subject material.

The current IP Quest board game

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